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Monday, April 24, 2017

A day around in Nana, Sukhumvit

A day around with my best friend Manos 
I go meet me friend Manos later on the day (18 April 2017
But I come earlier (11.00am) and drink a coffee with a nice girl / name Took and a waitress / Sunan in Hillary 4 bar in soi 4 Sukhumvit.
 About 12.30pm I walk to the Beergarden where I go meet my best friend Manos.
Not see him for a long time / health problems in the Netherlands.
Our appointment is 13.00pm.
Happy to to see him again, in good condition and health.
We sit a while in the Beergarden and walk back to soi 4.
We go back to Hillary 4.
Many girls recognize my friend, and all like to talk with him.
  The nice girl Took, came also sit with us.
I meet this girl also a month ago.
A smooth talker. 
Than we want move forwards en go to the other-side of the soi to Bar4.
We meet there another Facebook friend from Chicago / USA.
But we see to much drunk people in this bar, and pay our bill and walk to Hillary 2.
What a surprise, we meet 6 girls from before from Hillary 1.
Hillary 1 is break down, and go rebuild / open about November.
Many old friends come say hello, and all happy to see us back.
Lon time we sit there and talk to many friends.
Look same a reunion.
But on all come an end and we go eating in soi 8 at Det5
After go both home and meet each other again soon.


ps, The smooth talker Took, like to play with customers and not look so honestly.
Become several SMS on my mobile and later on my facebook, but look after-all fake.
Maybe update later. 


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