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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A ordinary day in the Beergarden

A ordinary day in the Beergarden, Soi 7 Sukhumvit / Bangkok.
(Friday 21 April 2017) 
The Beergarden is a famous meeting-point in Bangkok
You meet there people from all around the world and from every level.
Most of the time, I go there Fridays-afternoon for drink a beer with friends an meet other (business)people. 
So also yesterday afternoon.
I go sit on the front of the big bar near a foreigner (look like a policeman) drink only water and do this fucking mouth not open / is busy with forms. 
On me other site sit 3 men from different nationalities.
We start to talk about several interests.
One drinks already to much and not want talk to me / he say not want talk with older people.
But I not care and talk with the other to guys. The are British, but live in Malaysia.
Than I walk to the toilet, and a bar-girl (never see her before) say hello to me.
When I come back from the toilet, I order a drink for her.
15 minutes later she come sit with us.
We have together a nice conversation / she come and live outside Bangkok.
She not look same all the other bar-girls with always there fake stories.
 At 6 o'clock I et hunry, and ask her to go eat with me in Foodland / Soi 5.
Than she start to talk that she not can go home so far outside Bangkok.
I polite and like her, and invite her to go with me.
All is ok, we finite dinner, and walk back to the Beergarden.
Than she start to ask ''how much you want give me''
I not give immediately a answer, and in the Beergarden she talk to me she had 08.00pm a appointment with a customer. 
Than I get a bad feeling, the whole nice afternoon and dinner get destroyed.
She want give me her phone number, but after this break I not want more.
Than you see ones again, the all bar-girls / hookers.
I take a taxi and go home. 


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