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Friday, April 28, 2017

SEXY BAR, 2003


 After I come back to Bangkok in 2003, I searching for a temporary low cost room.

Than I have the time to sell my business in Phattanakan / Bangkok

In that time I go many time to Soi 13/1 Sukhumvit, a around soi with only small bars  (now not more exist / all break down)

But there was a long small bar with a enorm glass-front. Name 'Sexy Bar'

This was a meeting place for many business people / joking with all the girls / good music.

But this bar had some specials what you not hear in other bars.

Of course you could shoot a girl for a long or short time, but there the girls had learned to make other money.  

In this years the girls where very cheap,  because there was a lot of competition with the other hundreds of bars on the corner of Asok. (also no more exist)

But in the 'Sexy Bar' there worked a girl call 'Deng', so told me how it works in their bar.

The good listeners to all the business people the visit this bar, the get good paid for there interests.

Some the get paid 2000 or 3000 THB, and the make there a lot of friends.

I ask one time the girl 'Deng' of she can help me on a small temporary room.

She  brought  me to Petchburi road / soi 12 near her room in the same Soi. But it was very small.

Only 1500THB a month.   (and no deposit)

Ok, I take the room and pay the owner 3 months in advance.

I had or want not a relation with this girl 'Deng' But after her work time, she always came and we eat together. Most of the time she sleep in her own room, but sometimes want stay / sleep with me. She was a lovely girl but also many times drunk. Than she told me, she was already 3 time married. Has a Thai kid from her first Thai-man / a kid from a Danish men / and a kid from her last one a French men.

It make me scary the single times that she sleep in my small room and not get pregnant again and become a international family.

But on everything comes an end, and also on these time.

I sold everything in Phattanakan, and moved over to a brand new condo in Nana / Sukhumvit.

Than one day, 'Deng' stay for my door (security let her in) she was total drunk and start screaming and break my door. The security bring her outside, and told her not to come back.

In the meantime the break also the buildings in Soi 13/1 and she lose her job and work.

When she was reasonable, I could help her, but she not like to talk more.

And lose contact.




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