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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another Rip off at Crazy House Bangkok

Another crazy "RIP OFF" (go-go) Bar in #Bangkok.
I come with a friend a while ago inside > order 2 beers (on one bill) My friend give a girl a (lady)drink, and I do the same on the other side. I ask split the bill and put the drinks I give away in a new bill-case.

The do that and make also a new bill for my already ordered and counting on my friends bill-list. = 2 bills for the same one beer we started.

My friend take a lady / pay bar-find / pay a lady drink + 2 beers = one to much)
Than I want go also out and check-bill. (must pay 2 lady drinks + my one beer)
The waitress has click this already together, but when I must pay, I must pay 6 drinks more (I never ordered) and also impossible in so very short time.

What a "Rip off Bar" 

 Last week I go alone, and want try it again.
But I paid my beer same minute, not like more surprises.

I see a beautiful girl on stage (but not dancing) she look very sad, with tears in her eyes.
I try to look what number she has.
Than with the shift, she go upstairs and not come back.

There walk inside several mamasans, and I ask what happened with that nice girl.
She ask me her number, and I gie it to her. I must waiting.

Than a few minutes later a girl came downstairs, with dat number on her chest.
But I et shy, this is a total other girl with this number.
The change upstairs their number.

It was a friendly girl but not my type.
I want be polite, and give her a drink, but the charge me for a cola drink 330 baht.
She go dancing (shift) and I pay, and go away.
Feel me again real shit.

This is for me also the last time to go there.
I write already a review on their page.

There is nothing to complain, I hears rumors on several places, the police has part in this go-go bar. 

Ps. On me review another customer react and write, he was more than hundred times there, and had never problems, I write back, of he was a shareholder?


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