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Sunday, June 17, 2018

World Cup Football in Russia


Terrible 5 weeks during the World Cup period for all the ''Bar-Girls''


The majority of the foreigners and tourists follow the World Cup.


 Although the most Bars have a big screen to follow the World Cup, the most come to their favorite bar only to follow the Football. 


The most Bars do everything to pleasure their customers, but the only drink and view the football.


 Follow all the matches on a big screen on our own place


All Drinks for normal prizes. 
You can take your girlfriend with you. 
Location in Bangkok stay on the map of the Page / Event 
Mobile = +66 88 495 7700

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lady Drinks

It is better and cheaper to pay some bar-finds for some nice girls, and make a party in your own restaurant or home. 

Also when you pay several girls their daily lady-drinks in a bar.

And the not disturb you with begging the whole time for drinks (their income) 

The most Lady-drinks are fake and small in the most bars, their sit only a few drops whiskey in for the color. 

And the cost 150% or more then normal.





Thursday, May 17, 2018

Reunion at Nana, Morning Night Bar

Reunion in the Morning Night Bar at Nana Sukhumvit

Sitting with several girls out different bars from the same Hillary Group

What me disturbs that we always must pay ''Bar-find'' (500 thb pro girl) to collect the friends together. All these girls works for the same owner / Hillary Group
But this is Thailand, and the don't know to satisfy their regular customers.

I start first in the Morning Night Bar, and ask the mama-san what to do.
Than I decide on my own to go to Hillary 2 to invite some real good friends.
The Hillary 2 bar was on that moment almost empty, and go pay the bar-find for 3 girls and we walk to the Morning Night Bar on the same Soi 4 / (street) to join the others.

In the Morning Night Bar was it almost full, with a great atmosphere and super good music.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

2 star review for Bar4 at Nana, Sukhumit Bangkok

Archive picture 1 year ago

When you normally give a low rating review, you except the learn from that, but also NOT this (second) time. 

I wrote a review on their Facebook Page;


''After a long time I visit Bar4 again.
A new girl invited me on the street (Soi 4) she say the celebrating something from the Australian owner / Mark
But nothing has changed / the same bad service.
I'm very surprised that such a bar survived in Nana.
After several drinks I moved over to Hillary 2 and enjoy my evening''.


The Australian owner - Mark Response back;


  ''Glad you had a good time in Hillary 2 Peter and sorry you were disappointed by Bar4 once again.
Perhaps it is best if you avoid Bar4 in the future. I think that would make us both happier.

Regards, Mark''


We earlier last year we blacklisted this bar already for their bad service.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Thai HIV-positive sex worker has admitted that she entered the sex trade in order to feed her family although she was fully aware of the virus in her which can be transmitted to her male customers

The woman, whose identity was kept confidential, however, claimed that she always told her clients to wear condom although she did not disclose that she has HIV.

The woman who was married have two three children. When her husband died of Aids, she knew that she was infected too.

Without the only breadwinner and with two children and her two elderly parents who she had to feed, the woman said she had no other alternatives but to go into sex trade.

Having worked in the sex trade in various provinces, she said she did not tell her clients directly that she is HIV-positive, but she would urge them to wear condom, but not everyone obeyed her.

“When clients refused to wear condoms, I would asked them whether they were afraid of getting diseases or not. Some asked what the diseases were and I said HIV/Aids. They said they were not afraid, but I would insist them to wear the condoms,” the woman recalled.

She disclosed that most of her clients were reluctant to wear condoms.

“Some offered me an extra of 500 baht to not wear condoms. But I told them I didn’t want – whether it was 1,000 baht or 10,000 baht. Then I told them to get out if they refused to wear condoms.”
 She admitted that she could not tell her clients that she has HIV because that meant she would lose the income to feed her family.

The woman believed she was not the only HIV-positive sex worker who continued to work without telling the clients because they needed the money to survive.

She said that the only thing she – and others like her – could do was to warn their clients to wear condoms. SPN
Source -

Monday, March 12, 2018

#Thailand dart board ban goes NATIONWIDE - bars urged to get registered

Thailand’s ban on bars and entertainment venues allowing punters to play darts is now in affect nationwide.

In January, officials in Pattaya raided bars along Soi 6 to confiscate the ‘illegal’ dart boards.
Bar owners and staff were told that venues must now have a dart board license if they wanted to be able to allow customers to play the popular pastime on their premises.

Speaking to Thaivisa, one Soi 6 bar owner told Thaivisa of his bewilderment when a uniformed official demanded to see paperwork for his dart board.
 When no paperwork could not be produced, the dart board was confiscated.
The new requirements for a ‘dartboard license’ resulted in the suspension of Pattaya’s popular darts league, which many expats in the town take part in.

Initially there was some confusion not only into the crackdown on the seemingly innocent game of darts but now bars could obtain the so called ‘dart board license’.

Now more details have emerged as to the reasons behind the darts ban.

According to a notice from the Thailand Darts Association [TDA], the requirement for bar owners to register dart boards is linked to Thailand’s strict laws on gambling.

Bar owners must now register their darts board if it is in a public space and must ensure that no gambling is taking place when darts are being played.

The Thailand Darts Association has shared information on its website on how bar owners can register their dartboards.

Once registered bar owners will receive an official certificate stamped and signed by the president of the TDA, which also includes a registered license number from Office of the National Culture Commission (ONCC).

Bar owners can then show the certificate to the authorities in the event they are required to show their dart board is registered.

Failure to register dart boards may result in a fine or the board being confiscated, the TDA warns on its website.

The TDA is providing the certificate free of charge and has warned bar owners about opportunists trying to charge for fake certificates.

Source - TheNation / ThaiVisa


Saturday, September 30, 2017

#Bangkok - Hopping day

Last week I search on a shopping day for several friends.
Normally I come with the BTS skytrain to Nana-station, but this time I stop on Asoke, and walk to Soi 11. Greeting on the main-road several friends and want walk to Oscar-Bar and Bistro, but on the other side is Hillary 3, and I was there never before.
All the staff was busy with there mobiles, even the cashier.
I order 1 beer, but nobody has interest in customers, Some girls starting to fill-up some balloons, maybe for a later party.
Nobody had interest to talk / no atmosphere in this bar.
I must self walk to the cashier to pay my bill. Not see me there anymore.

Than on the way to Nana. I look in Morning Night bar, and say to several always friendly girls that I come later back.

Walk than straight to Hillary 2
Sit and talk with 2 well known girls / but one sit half with another customer.
Than missis Hillary self came inside, and make a speeds with many of her staff how good she was. I go over my neck of that. Pay my bill and go.

Outside I walk to Hillary 4 and cross an old mama-san from one of the Hillary's.
She ask me why our group not come more so often, She ask of I go to the new Hillary 1 bar.
I say to her, I was there one time alone and 2 times with my friends, but not like the bar and not have any atmosphere. 

I say to her, the must look in the mirror to bring more atmoshere in Hillary 3 and 1.
Than I walk straight to soi 7 to the Beergarden.
As always all are happy, not ask all the time for lady-drinks.
Personally it is the best bar and meeting point in Bangkok.

In all the Hillary bars the girls not have any salary, and must begging for a lady-drink to become an income. 

When a popular girl has 10 lady-drinks daily, she become 13.000 Thb monthly.
But the not cash out the full amount, the use the money from all the girls to open a new bar.
Now the open a second Hillary on the corner of Raya-Hotel, all girls walk with crazy feathers in their hair. 

I say to a girl, the open that new bar from your money. 
But the scare to talk.