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Saturday, September 30, 2017

#Bangkok - Hopping day

Last week I search on a shopping day for several friends.
Normally I come with the BTS skytrain to Nana-station, but this time I stop on Asoke, and walk to Soi 11. Greeting on the main-road several friends and want walk to Oscar-Bar and Bistro, but on the other side is Hillary 3, and I was there never before.
All the staff was busy with there mobiles, even the cashier.
I order 1 beer, but nobody has interest in customers, Some girls starting to fill-up some balloons, maybe for a later party.
Nobody had interest to talk / no atmosphere in this bar.
I must self walk to the cashier to pay my bill. Not see me there anymore.

Than on the way to Nana. I look in Morning Night bar, and say to several always friendly girls that I come later back.

Walk than straight to Hillary 2
Sit and talk with 2 well known girls / but one sit half with another customer.
Than missis Hillary self came inside, and make a speeds with many of her staff how good she was. I go over my neck of that. Pay my bill and go.

Outside I walk to Hillary 4 and cross an old mama-san from one of the Hillary's.
She ask me why our group not come more so often, She ask of I go to the new Hillary 1 bar.
I say to her, I was there one time alone and 2 times with my friends, but not like the bar and not have any atmosphere. 

I say to her, the must look in the mirror to bring more atmoshere in Hillary 3 and 1.
Than I walk straight to soi 7 to the Beergarden.
As always all are happy, not ask all the time for lady-drinks.
Personally it is the best bar and meeting point in Bangkok.

In all the Hillary bars the girls not have any salary, and must begging for a lady-drink to become an income. 

When a popular girl has 10 lady-drinks daily, she become 13.000 Thb monthly.
But the not cash out the full amount, the use the money from all the girls to open a new bar.
Now the open a second Hillary on the corner of Raya-Hotel, all girls walk with crazy feathers in their hair. 

I say to a girl, the open that new bar from your money. 
But the scare to talk.  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Oskar Bar and Bistro - Sukhumvit, Bangkok

 Oskar Bar & Bistro

With a French kitchen.

Great place to going out for a business meeting with a dinner, or for looking a nice (bar)girl.

Good music / DJ.

 OSKAR BISTRO is a bar and restaurant located on Sukhumvit Soi 11. It features 2 storeys with a bar and dining tables on each floor. 

The ground floor has an covered outside area with tables and chairs, the upstairs floor a covered outside area with sofas.

 Their menu features French, American and Thai dishes, pizzas, cocktails, ten wines by the glass and several Scotch whiskey options. 

OSKAR is one of the most popular pre-clubbing venues on Sukhumvit. 

Their Resident DJs play a mix of House and Nu Disco, at times joined by a percussionist.

Personally, I find it a little deep / far in Soi 11 / Sukhumvit.

I think the beer for 180THB (small bottle) is a little to high.

 But the atmosphere is super with very friendly staff.

We have seen and meet customers from all around the world.

Ps. girls working on there own, means no bar-find.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

False information about the Beer Garden, Nana


False rumors going around in Bangkok about the Beer Garden.
Bad bar-girls spread false messages.

Everybody know that the whole area in Nana, between Soi 7 and Soi 5 go change, but this take years.

The break already different shops and bars to the ground. it not look nice, but it is.

In the start of this year the ''Beer Garden'' became also the message that the contract not go extend.

But the first message was, no problem for Songkran (April) and extend by month.
But now the new information is that without an contract the extension can be one or 2 years.


It is very bad, that some false bar-girls spread these fake information's that the bar is already closed. 

Maybe some of these girls (alcohol addicted) have problems with the staff or customers. 

The famous Beer Garden is for many people a start or meeting-point. 



Thursday, July 27, 2017

A view in Pattaya Walking Street

Walking Street in Pattaya is an ideal place to enjoy the bustling nightlife in Thailand with hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

 Pattaya Walking Street is the biggest and busiest party hotspot in the whole of Thailand, with only a couple of the top places in Bangkok beating it for sheer volume and variety. A full kilometre from its high-tech gateway at the Beach Road end to the Bali Hai Plaza end, almost every building along its length is a nightclub, go-go bar, beer bar or restaurant. Each of the side streets – which span from Soi 14 to Soi 16, with a couple of uniquely-named streets in between – is more of the same, making the whole southern end of the city into a warren of nightlife entertainments, with something for practically every taste.

Things to do

Come nightfall, Walking Street is closed to vehicles (6pm to 2am), This is when the floods of wide eyed young lads, veteran expats and Chinese tour groups come out to play. Hop on a taxi and get stuck in to Walking Street Pattaya.
If you want to ease yourself in before the inevitable carnage, this street has a number of places to eat. From Seafood to Italian the choice is international. There are also many live music venues, sports bars and many other forms of entertainment to tantalise you with.
If you like a spot of people watching, the beer bars are a great place to sit back and watch the world go by (you see some truly astonishing sights)! You can sit for hours watching this street come to life as it fills with the nights patrons.

 Some highlights include nightclubs such as Insomnia and Mixx and several Agogo bars like Infinity, Glass House Agogo, Gentlemen’s Club Agogo, Sweethearts Agogo and many others. A couple of new venues recently opened their doors on such as 808 and The Pier which are also well worth checking out.

If you’ve never been to an Agogo bar before, Pattaya Walking Street is a good place to start. The greeting is always a friendly one and the beer is relatively cheap. Please note: Booze prices can vary wildly on Walking Street so remember to ask if they have deals on certain beers to avoid a shock when you receive your bill.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another Rip off at Crazy House Bangkok

Another crazy "RIP OFF" (go-go) Bar in #Bangkok.
I come with a friend a while ago inside > order 2 beers (on one bill) My friend give a girl a (lady)drink, and I do the same on the other side. I ask split the bill and put the drinks I give away in a new bill-case.

The do that and make also a new bill for my already ordered and counting on my friends bill-list. = 2 bills for the same one beer we started.

My friend take a lady / pay bar-find / pay a lady drink + 2 beers = one to much)
Than I want go also out and check-bill. (must pay 2 lady drinks + my one beer)
The waitress has click this already together, but when I must pay, I must pay 6 drinks more (I never ordered) and also impossible in so very short time.

What a "Rip off Bar" 

 Last week I go alone, and want try it again.
But I paid my beer same minute, not like more surprises.

I see a beautiful girl on stage (but not dancing) she look very sad, with tears in her eyes.
I try to look what number she has.
Than with the shift, she go upstairs and not come back.

There walk inside several mamasans, and I ask what happened with that nice girl.
She ask me her number, and I gie it to her. I must waiting.

Than a few minutes later a girl came downstairs, with dat number on her chest.
But I et shy, this is a total other girl with this number.
The change upstairs their number.

It was a friendly girl but not my type.
I want be polite, and give her a drink, but the charge me for a cola drink 330 baht.
She go dancing (shift) and I pay, and go away.
Feel me again real shit.

This is for me also the last time to go there.
I write already a review on their page.

There is nothing to complain, I hears rumors on several places, the police has part in this go-go bar. 

Ps. On me review another customer react and write, he was more than hundred times there, and had never problems, I write back, of he was a shareholder?


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Today (17 May) we had a Hopping Day with my friend Herman.

 My friend was already before 13.00pm in the Beer Garden / Soi 7 / Sukhumvit.
We meet also another Dutch guy (R.V) he say he was last week already in Hillary 1.

We talk about our plans, and he say when you go there, you use your time.
We say we will see.

But we had a long and great great time in the Beer Garden, meet many old friends,
Later on we pay our bill and go to Nana, Soi 4.

On the way to Soi 4 we discuss where we go first.
In Soi 4 many girls starting to screaming (from several bars) Peter / Manos, but we say let us look first in Hillary 1.
And after-all R.V. had right. it is a old people bar, with NO atmosphere.

An old wife (captain) come talk with us. and bring us 2 old girls for talking.
We feel very uncomfortable.

My self speak a while with a young man (he say he was there manager) but bad listen, and only smile.
Than we ask the bill, and all surprised that we want to go.
Than the bill was also to high and NOT correct.
We say we go to Hillari 2 and 4
There the girls and staff were very happy to see us, and we enjoy our time.

The 2 old girls and the old lady captain follow us.
But the 3, not feel very happy.

We give in the 2 other Hillari's different bar-girls a drink. and what you think, in Hillary 2 and 4 the bill was surprisingly correct.

Than we go for a formally visit to Bar 4, and after we go eating same always in Soi 8 at Det5.

And not ask us anymore about Hillari 1, this was the first time and the last time after the renew there bar.

Ps, When we talk with the manager, another foreigner came and complain about his internet. 
Later we see he sit outside in a corner, and we heard he was involved in Hillary. 
But a big shame that he not take the manager separate to complain.


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Did you know, all bar girls are trained to become and make money.
The most must earn there own salary, with lady-drinks.
 We advise always, pay your bill every hour when you go out
Not let you surprise with an unexpected high bill on the end of the evening.
 I not go tell you the price of a lady-drink, but normally, the one and a half of your drink..
The most bar-girls drink a small mixed glass with a little alcohol.
It means they are quickly empty, and they can ask for another one.



Friday, April 28, 2017

SEXY BAR, 2003


 After I come back to Bangkok in 2003, I searching for a temporary low cost room.

Than I have the time to sell my business in Phattanakan / Bangkok

In that time I go many time to Soi 13/1 Sukhumvit, a around soi with only small bars  (now not more exist / all break down)

But there was a long small bar with a enorm glass-front. Name 'Sexy Bar'

This was a meeting place for many business people / joking with all the girls / good music.

But this bar had some specials what you not hear in other bars.

Of course you could shoot a girl for a long or short time, but there the girls had learned to make other money.  

In this years the girls where very cheap,  because there was a lot of competition with the other hundreds of bars on the corner of Asok. (also no more exist)

But in the 'Sexy Bar' there worked a girl call 'Deng', so told me how it works in their bar.

The good listeners to all the business people the visit this bar, the get good paid for there interests.

Some the get paid 2000 or 3000 THB, and the make there a lot of friends.

I ask one time the girl 'Deng' of she can help me on a small temporary room.

She  brought  me to Petchburi road / soi 12 near her room in the same Soi. But it was very small.

Only 1500THB a month.   (and no deposit)

Ok, I take the room and pay the owner 3 months in advance.

I had or want not a relation with this girl 'Deng' But after her work time, she always came and we eat together. Most of the time she sleep in her own room, but sometimes want stay / sleep with me. She was a lovely girl but also many times drunk. Than she told me, she was already 3 time married. Has a Thai kid from her first Thai-man / a kid from a Danish men / and a kid from her last one a French men.

It make me scary the single times that she sleep in my small room and not get pregnant again and become a international family.

But on everything comes an end, and also on these time.

I sold everything in Phattanakan, and moved over to a brand new condo in Nana / Sukhumvit.

Than one day, 'Deng' stay for my door (security let her in) she was total drunk and start screaming and break my door. The security bring her outside, and told her not to come back.

In the meantime the break also the buildings in Soi 13/1 and she lose her job and work.

When she was reasonable, I could help her, but she not like to talk more.

And lose contact.




Monday, April 24, 2017





When you live in Thailand or visited it for a holiday, you recognize a special language, what is not usual. 

We call this Bar Language.

For the bar-girls easy and quickly to learn.

The problem is, many take this bar language over as normal.

This is absolutely not the original Thai language.

The most of all the girls come from up-country (Isaan)

Not one speak Enlish, and the learn that from other bar girls, in Bangkok / Pattaya / Phuket / Samui / .....



What's your name

Where you come from

Where you stay

In what hotel you stay

Can I go with you

You have wife

You want short time

Be continued




A day around in Nana, Sukhumvit

A day around with my best friend Manos 
I go meet me friend Manos later on the day (18 April 2017
But I come earlier (11.00am) and drink a coffee with a nice girl / name Took and a waitress / Sunan in Hillary 4 bar in soi 4 Sukhumvit.
 About 12.30pm I walk to the Beergarden where I go meet my best friend Manos.
Not see him for a long time / health problems in the Netherlands.
Our appointment is 13.00pm.
Happy to to see him again, in good condition and health.
We sit a while in the Beergarden and walk back to soi 4.
We go back to Hillary 4.
Many girls recognize my friend, and all like to talk with him.
  The nice girl Took, came also sit with us.
I meet this girl also a month ago.
A smooth talker. 
Than we want move forwards en go to the other-side of the soi to Bar4.
We meet there another Facebook friend from Chicago / USA.
But we see to much drunk people in this bar, and pay our bill and walk to Hillary 2.
What a surprise, we meet 6 girls from before from Hillary 1.
Hillary 1 is break down, and go rebuild / open about November.
Many old friends come say hello, and all happy to see us back.
Lon time we sit there and talk to many friends.
Look same a reunion.
But on all come an end and we go eating in soi 8 at Det5
After go both home and meet each other again soon.


ps, The smooth talker Took, like to play with customers and not look so honestly.
Become several SMS on my mobile and later on my facebook, but look after-all fake.
Maybe update later. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

A ordinary day in the Beergarden

A ordinary day in the Beergarden, Soi 7 Sukhumvit / Bangkok.
(Friday 21 April 2017) 
The Beergarden is a famous meeting-point in Bangkok
You meet there people from all around the world and from every level.
Most of the time, I go there Fridays-afternoon for drink a beer with friends an meet other (business)people. 
So also yesterday afternoon.
I go sit on the front of the big bar near a foreigner (look like a policeman) drink only water and do this fucking mouth not open / is busy with forms. 
On me other site sit 3 men from different nationalities.
We start to talk about several interests.
One drinks already to much and not want talk to me / he say not want talk with older people.
But I not care and talk with the other to guys. The are British, but live in Malaysia.
Than I walk to the toilet, and a bar-girl (never see her before) say hello to me.
When I come back from the toilet, I order a drink for her.
15 minutes later she come sit with us.
We have together a nice conversation / she come and live outside Bangkok.
She not look same all the other bar-girls with always there fake stories.
 At 6 o'clock I et hunry, and ask her to go eat with me in Foodland / Soi 5.
Than she start to talk that she not can go home so far outside Bangkok.
I polite and like her, and invite her to go with me.
All is ok, we finite dinner, and walk back to the Beergarden.
Than she start to ask ''how much you want give me''
I not give immediately a answer, and in the Beergarden she talk to me she had 08.00pm a appointment with a customer. 
Than I get a bad feeling, the whole nice afternoon and dinner get destroyed.
She want give me her phone number, but after this break I not want more.
Than you see ones again, the all bar-girls / hookers.
I take a taxi and go home.