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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another Rip off at Crazy House Bangkok

Another crazy "RIP OFF" (go-go) Bar in #Bangkok.
I come with a friend a while ago inside > order 2 beers (on one bill) My friend give a girl a (lady)drink, and I do the same on the other side. I ask split the bill and put the drinks I give away in a new bill-case.

The do that and make also a new bill for my already ordered and counting on my friends bill-list. = 2 bills for the same one beer we started.

My friend take a lady / pay bar-find / pay a lady drink + 2 beers = one to much)
Than I want go also out and check-bill. (must pay 2 lady drinks + my one beer)
The waitress has click this already together, but when I must pay, I must pay 6 drinks more (I never ordered) and also impossible in so very short time.

What a "Rip off Bar" 

 Last week I go alone, and want try it again.
But I paid my beer same minute, not like more surprises.

I see a beautiful girl on stage (but not dancing) she look very sad, with tears in her eyes.
I try to look what number she has.
Than with the shift, she go upstairs and not come back.

There walk inside several mamasans, and I ask what happened with that nice girl.
She ask me her number, and I gie it to her. I must waiting.

Than a few minutes later a girl came downstairs, with dat number on her chest.
But I et shy, this is a total other girl with this number.
The change upstairs their number.

It was a friendly girl but not my type.
I want be polite, and give her a drink, but the charge me for a cola drink 330 baht.
She go dancing (shift) and I pay, and go away.
Feel me again real shit.

This is for me also the last time to go there.
I write already a review on their page.

There is nothing to complain, I hears rumors on several places, the police has part in this go-go bar. 

Ps. On me review another customer react and write, he was more than hundred times there, and had never problems, I write back, of he was a shareholder?


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Today (17 May) we had a Hopping Day with my friend Herman.

 My friend was already before 13.00pm in the Beer Garden / Soi 7 / Sukhumvit.
We meet also another Dutch guy (R.V) he say he was last week already in Hillary 1.

We talk about our plans, and he say when you go there, you use your time.
We say we will see.

But we had a long and great great time in the Beer Garden, meet many old friends,
Later on we pay our bill and go to Nana, Soi 4.

On the way to Soi 4 we discuss where we go first.
In Soi 4 many girls starting to screaming (from several bars) Peter / Manos, but we say let us look first in Hillary 1.
And after-all R.V. had right. it is a old people bar, with NO atmosphere.

An old wife (captain) come talk with us. and bring us 2 old girls for talking.
We feel very uncomfortable.

My self speak a while with a young man (he say he was there manager) but bad listen, and only smile.
Than we ask the bill, and all surprised that we want to go.
Than the bill was also to high and NOT correct.
We say we go to Hillari 2 and 4
There the girls and staff were very happy to see us, and we enjoy our time.

The 2 old girls and the old lady captain follow us.
But the 3, not feel very happy.

We give in the 2 other Hillari's different bar-girls a drink. and what you think, in Hillary 2 and 4 the bill was surprisingly correct.

Than we go for a formally visit to Bar 4, and after we go eating same always in Soi 8 at Det5.

And not ask us anymore about Hillari 1, this was the first time and the last time after the renew there bar.

Ps, When we talk with the manager, another foreigner came and complain about his internet. 
Later we see he sit outside in a corner, and we heard he was involved in Hillary. 
But a big shame that he not take the manager separate to complain.


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Did you know, all bar girls are trained to become and make money.
The most must earn there own salary, with lady-drinks.
 We advise always, pay your bill every hour when you go out
Not let you surprise with an unexpected high bill on the end of the evening.
 I not go tell you the price of a lady-drink, but normally, the one and a half of your drink..
The most bar-girls drink a small mixed glass with a little alcohol.
It means they are quickly empty, and they can ask for another one.